Marketing is an industry that’s ever-changing so as marketers it’s crucial to keep refreshing our skills.  

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your career or build your case for promotion, marketing training is a key area to show your potential employers and senior teams how committed you are to accelerate your skills.  

If you’re looking to level up your experience, this blog takes a deep dive into the best marketing short courses around. Ranging from a few hours to 12 weeks, something is sure to be right for you. 

Google - Digital Garage 

If you want to accelerate your digital skills from tracking to reporting your marketing campaigns, levelling up your online presence and learning about your organic and paid analytics, Google’s Digital Garage is the one for you. With a range of 160 courses, Google’s Digital Garage has courses in digital marketing, career development and data.  

Where to start? 

The one which we highly recommend is the ‘Fundamentals of digital marketing’ which consists of 26 modules and 40 hours of work and includes a certificate at the end for your CV and LinkedIn. This one allows you to explore the basics of digital marketing packed with video tutorials, practical exercises and knowledge for you to start implementing these skills into your own business. It teaches you your first steps in online success by building an online presence, web presence, how to get started with search and so much more. 

Google’s Digital Garage is THE place to start on your digital marketing journey as it opens up a whole world of opportunities to help you understand if you’re just starting up or wanting to improve your channel strategy and to know if your tactics are actually working. 

Get started and explore the wide range of courses here 

UAL – Social Media Marketing Short Course 

As we know, social media plays a HUGE role in today’s marketing world. It opens up massive space for opportunity and is forever evolving. We must quickly adapt to new online changes and features every day. 

UAL’s Social Media Marketing short course is the one to help you create an overall social media strategy including building the awareness of your brand online, reaching new audiences and increasing your engagement – what more could you want? 

This course is for anyone wanting to learn more about their social media strategy or building one from scratch and how to measure its success through metrics, which is the most fundamental aspect when you’re needing to keep within your budget and trying to save time and resources. 

The course runs across 6 weeks, including live online lessons with tutors, lesson recordings for review and a certificate upon completion which costs £360. 

To learn more and start your social media strategy journey, click here 

Hubspot – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Today’s Ever-Changing Workplace 

Hubspot is the software for helping you to grow your business and career with a content hub full of digital marketing and growth resources.  

Hubspot offers a free course for inbound marketers to think critically. Critical thinking ranks as one of the most valued skills for job-seekers to have - stated by Hubspot, which is why this free course is perfect for anyone in the marketing realm or seeking jobs. 

This course helps you to identify and apply key critical thinking strategies to better tackle challenges you come across. It also teaches you how to employ specific techniques to help you identify problems, solutions and how to analyse these results. 

This short but effective free course requires you to give up 2 hours of your time to go through 4 lessons which includes 14 videos and 4 quizzes. This course is a great way to level up your critical thinking with only a short amount of your dedicated time. Find out more here 

Fabric – Level up mini-courses 

We have two mini-courses designed to guide you through building out research for your overall marketing strategy and cost £45 + VAT each.  

Our Level Up persona mini-course helps to TRANSFORM your marketing and how you can market to your desired target audience. Well defined personas can tell you EXACTLY where your customers are and how to capture their attention. This mini-course takes you through everything you need to develop effective personas for your business.  

Over 7 days, it provides you with every template you need to make your personas as effective as possible and persona examples to help guide you when creating your own which is delivered straight to your inbox. 

Our Level Up brand values mini-course is to help you define authentic company values which should be at the heart of any brand. Authentic values provide a brand framework that allows you to build meaningful connections with your audience. It’s absolutely crucial to have your brand values defined and cemented in stone before going into any tactical delivery. 

In this mini-course, you will be provided with a training session to take you through what values are and how to build yours alongside your team, examples, a 5 point checklist, all the tools and templates you need to deliver a workshop and much more.

Both of our Level Up mini-courses come with an opportunity to schedule a 1-2-1 coaching session with our team to discuss your personas or brand values in further detail and we offer support on your findings. 

Skillshare – Digital copywriting basics

If you’re ready to accelerate your skill set in writing clear and persuasive copy for your digital presence, Skill Share’s copywriting basic course is for you.  

Delivered through text and fully visual walkthroughs, this course teaches you the simple principles behind concise copy, the power of the active voice and how to use it and a bank full of practical tools and techniques to improve any piece of your writing. 

The course asks for 40 minutes of your time in 12 lessons and is completely free. Get started on smashing your content language online. 

Fabric Academy

Now saving the best till last. Fabric is an online marketing learning platform designed exclusively for marketers. Gain instant access to monthly 1-1 coaching sessions with a dedicated coach, a place on our 12-week Master Strategy Programme, monthly group masterclass sessions, a complete marketing strategy and so much more. Designed for all stages of marketers from graduates, senior marketers and to businesses wanting to up-skill their marketing team to smash their marketing objectives and succeed in the business. 

Our award winning, CPD accredited, 12-week Master Strategy Programme, guides you through developing a COMPLETE marketing strategy from scratch which you can focus all your marketing efforts back to. Our programme is taught by award winning strategic marketer Lisa Eaton giving you 20 years of experience in just 12 weeks after completing the course. 

Our marketing strategy course includes three modules which make up the fundamental stages of creating a winning strategy for your business or the one you work for. 

Module one is Data & Insight where every successful marketing strategy starts which includes 8 lessons with a duration of 1h 30. 

Module two is Communicating Your Strategy where you start to build meaningful connections by building a content strategy around your target audience which includes 7 lessons with a duration of 1h 25m.  

Lastly, Module three focuses on Delivery and Measurement where you’ll be given all the tools you need to deliver and measure your strategy which includes 6 lessons with a duration of 1h 5m. 

We ask for 3 hours of study per week and we provide you with the workbooks for each module, templates and guides, personalised feedback at the end of each module, weekly Q&A sessions and 1-2-1 coaching. All of this for £198 pcm + VAT.

What are you waiting for?! Sign up today and thrive in your business.