We’ve been building winning marketing strategies for over 20 years and we have a track record of delivering phenomenal results.

The Fabric Framework has been developed by marketing practitioner and educator, Lisa Eaton. Having spent over 20 years in industry creating impactful marketing for some of the biggest global brands, albeit with very little focus on strategy in the early years, Lisa began to focus her attention on the importance of having clear strategic foundations that allowed for results driven marketing. 

The Fabric Framework guides marketers through the process of aligning business and marketing objectives, benchmarking current position, defining buyer personas, developing a clear brand identity, outlining clear channels of communication, effective budget management, operational planning and sophisticated reporting. When utilised, the framework outlines a clear strategy for a business to follow, creating a roadmap for success, acting as a sounding board for all decision making, as well as playing a key role in effective evaluation. 

The framework provides an effective approach to marketing strategy development for organisations of all sizes, industries and sectors, with any size of budget and goals. Organisations globally such as itsu, Boot, The Body Shop, Savills and H&R Block are now using the Fabric Framework to develop their marketing strategy and develop a clear plan to deliver and measure marketing activity for their whole department. 

When Lisa launched her own marketing agency in 2014, she set out to develop a marketing strategy formula that allowed for clear vision, future direction and foundations that her marketing team could utilise to build strategies for clients that delivered outstanding results.  


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It wasn’t until the strategy framework Lisa developed began transforming the capabilities and confidence of her team in the agency, which led to phenomenal results for their clients, that Lisa decided to teach and share this method with organisation worldwide, which is fast becoming a transformative principle in marketing education. 

From this, Fabric’s 12 week programme was created so Lisa could effectively teach her tried and tested method, and transform the strategic capabilities of others. It has since catapulted into a dedicated learning platform for marketers, businesses, agencies and education providers across the world, looking to learn and embed the Fabric Framework into their organisations. Additionally, learning from Lisa and her team of exceptional marketing professionals on a regular basis through the ongoing coaching and mentorship programme, recently launched on the learning platform. 

With ambitious growth plans at Fabric, Lisa is building Fabric into the global go-to marketing learning platform, expanding its product offering to ensure marketers have all the skills they need to be the very best strategic marketers and transform the industry as a whole to ensure strategic thinking and commercial awareness is at the forefront of all marketing.


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