Meet Lisa Eaton

A Trailblazing Business Leader, Marketing Expert, and Global Speaker

Lisa Eaton is a force to be reckoned with in the business and marketing world. With experience spanning over two decades, she has solidified her position as a dynamic business leader and marketing expert. As the visionary founder of Fabric Academy, Lisa is on a mission to empower marketers worldwide.

Meet Lisa

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Twenty years of experience delivering marketing and communications strategies 

Throughout her impressive career, Lisa has consistently demonstrated her strategic prowess, creating and executing successful marketing and communication strategies for both public and private organisations around the world, helping them achieve ambitious goals. Her track record speaks volumes, and she continues to inspire as a seasoned entrepreneur, leader, mentor and coach.

In 2014, Lisa co-founded an integrated marketing and communications agency. Their award-winning campaigns for esteemed organisations and global brands garnered attention worldwide. Lisa's laser-focused approach to strategic planning, effective marketing, business development, and stakeholder engagement was instrumental in propelling the company to new heights.  This is where Lisa developed the strategic framework that is setting a new global standard in marketing education.


Lisa's Goals

Lisa's relentless pursuit of innovation didn't stop there. In 2021, she launched Fabric Academy, the online marketing powerhouse, which has already earned global recognition for its transformative approach. 

The academy's framework fills the void between academic learning and industry demands, turning marketers of today into the trailblazers of tomorrow.

Transforming marketers 

Empowering marketing teams 

Champion strategic marketing 

Disrupting the market

Central to the academy's success is its CPD-accredited marketing strategy course, which teaches the very framework that has been used to deliver success to so many organisations and has captivated learners from every corner of the globe. 

Graduates from Fabric Academy have not only experienced profound personal growth but have also significantly impacted their organisations, spearheading positive change and driving unprecedented success. 

Lisa Eaton's legacy is one of passion, empowerment, and unparalleled achievement. With Fabric Academy, she continues to pave the way for marketers worldwide, ensuring they are armed with the knowledge and tools to conquer the future of marketing.