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Our award-winning learning platform is centred around teaching a strategic framework, empowering marketers to build their own strategy from the ground up and executing to create transformative results. There's no academic fluff here, just a passion to share the approach we've spent years refining in the industry. 


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Whether you're a graduate new to marketing, a seasoned CMO, an agency leader or a business owner, our platform is built for you. Join Fabric on your own, or as part of a team and benefit from a personalised learning experience that you can't find anywhere else.With thousands of learners from around the world enrolled with Fabric, our reputation as the go-to training provider for marketing education and mentorship is unparalleled.

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Master Strategy Programme

Our award-winning programme takes you through learning the strategy framework that is used by brands globally. Over 3 modules, 21 lessons, 12 weeks and the support of countless resources and team of marketing specialists you will build a marketing strategy from the ground up. With 3 sets of personalised feedback along the way and weekly Q&A sessions, you're never left without the guidance you need. 

1-1 coaching

With Fabric, you will have access to a monthly 1-1 coaching session with a dedicated mentor, who will support and guide you with your career goals, marketing goals and any other marketing-related challenges, concerns or barriers you have.


Every month we release a new 40-minute masterclass, covering a good mix of confidence building topics, soft skills for being the best marketer and marketing specific topics. Everything you’ll need, on top of the programme, to make you the best! Plus, every masterclass comes with resources, so you can action and implement what you learn straight into your role.

The Future Club

The Future Club is a community exclusively designed for marketers, a dynamic platform where marketers can connect, network, collaborate, and cultivate their skills with marketers all over the world plus a select group of the most expert marketers in the industry. With dedicated groups, expert support, exclusive resources, monthly live events and so much more.


Learner stories

Hear from the Fabric alumni community on their experience and the impact Fabric has had on their lives so far.

“My experience with Fabric was invaluable. The amount of relevant and interesting content that was distilled into easily digestible chunks made for really fun learning.”

Hannah, Content Manager

“I wanted some 'from the ground up' training in marketing strategy, and this really delivered that. This course completely exceeded my expectations and was a total breath of fresh air compared to the other courses I've completed.”

Lauren, CRM Manager

“The course was really helpful and interesting. It really gave me the time to reflect and dig deep into data and the business to be able to make sound strategic plans.”

Kylie, Marketing Manager

“A really brilliant and practical course that now means I have a sample marketing and comms plan in my portfolio to show my experience and skill.”

Niamh, Marketing Graduate

“Invest in yourself for 12 weeks and you'll develop a detailed understanding of strategic marketing that you'll take with you throughout the rest of your career.”

Liam, SEO Manager

“Our team have grown in confidence and clarity since starting the Fabric programme. I haven’t seen the detail of the course, but instead the result; which is a team focusing on the execution of results-driven campaigns whilst pushing back on marketing busy work.”

Rory, CEO - TSG

“The focus that the Fabric programme has on developing a deep understanding of the customer has provided me and my team with valuable insights and useful methods to really connect with our audience. Our approach to messaging and content has been taken up a level thanks to these learnings.”

Amelia, Marketing Manager - TSG

Level up on brand values

A mini course to transform your marketing

If you want to get a taste of our marketing strategy courses and level up your career, sign up to our brand values mini course.

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Level up on brand values

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