Level up mini course: defining authentic company values

In today’s world, what your brand stands for is everything. Authentic values provide a brand framework that allows you to build meaningful connections with your audience, empower your team and attract and retain talent. In this course, we're going to cover EVERYTHING you’ll ever need and more to define authentic brand values for your organisation.



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What you'll get

In the initial 30 minute training session, we'll share the key steps you need to take to lead a branding workshop with your team so you can collaboratively define authentic company values. Then, over the next 4 days, we're going to send you every tool and template you need to transform your workplace culture and embed your values within your organisation.

You’ll get:

  • A training session that takes you through what organisational values are, and how to build yours alongside your team

  • A 5 point checklist so you can audit your values to benchmark your existing company culture

  • A guide on how to run a successful values workshop with your team

  • All the tools and templates you need to deliver your workshop

  • Examples of unique brand values that are a cut above the rest to guide you when creating your own

  • A guide to embedding values in your organisation so you can build brand loyalty and level up your company culture

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"We're rolling out a franchising programme, and having that strong set of values defined has been really important for consistency of voice."

Naomi Sargent - Campaign Manager, Itsu 

Why are brand values important for your marketing?

  • They allow you to align your messaging with what's important to your customer
  • You can build better connections with your audience through creating a memorable experience
  • They allow you to differentiate your brand from competitors 
Why are brand values important for your marketing?

How brand values can transform your company culture

  • Increase staff retention by giving your team meaning beyond the day job
  • Empower your team with a framework to problem solve and make decisions by
  • Showcase what makes your organisation unique and become more appealing to future recruits 
How brand values can transform your company culture


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