How to be influential on socials

with Claudia Cardinali

Personal branding is hugely underrated when it comes to driving both personal and business growth. It can provide the foundation to become an industry leader and gives brands, and individuals, the power to become influential in their fields.

One person who knows how to take personal branding to the next level is Claudia Cardinali Head of Client Operations at the amazing personal branding agency Great Influence. Claudia has helped some of the UK’s biggest CEO’s & Founders become industry-leading influential figures on Social Media, including Steven Bartlett, Carrie Rose and Katy Leeson.

She’s joined to discuss the power of personal branding and how you can use your own brand to become a leading force on socials.

We’ll cover:

  • What building influence means
  • Finding your own purpose
  • How to develop your own voice and reach millions
  • How to get over the fear of putting your name out there

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