Using trend forecasting to transform your marketing

with Joanna Feeley

Wouldn’t marketing be so much easier if we knew what the next big thing was going to be before it even happened? Trend forecasting gives you the ability to predict market trends before they exist, giving you the best insights to inform your strategy.

From the outside it may seem like a mystery, but our latest level up guest is here to shed some light on how you can use trend forecasting to transform your marketing.

Joanna Feeley is founder of global future trends agency, Trend Bible. For over 20 years she’s helped brands make informed commercial decisions using a tried and tested foresight methodology, enabling them to grasp future trends and understand what drives their audiences’ thoughts, tastes and behaviours.

Joanna shares some valuable insights on how you can leverage future trends to build meaningful connections with your audience.

We’ll cover:

  • What trend forecasting is and why it’s relevant for your brand
  • The importance of identifying past trends
  • How to predict future trends in the realm of marketing
  • The best tools to stay on top of trends in your industry

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