Purpose is everything: Building an authentic brand

with Chris O'Connell

Almost all business problems are people problems. Because people without an authentic purpose have no centralised reason driving them to perform.

By the same token, an organisation’s purpose unites the practical and emotional reasons that consumers make meaningful connections with brands. When a brand’s purpose resonates with its audience, it sparks loyalty and advocacy, which for marketers are the holy grail of customer journey goals.

We'll be talking to Chris O’Connell, founder of Base Mindset about harnessing the power of purpose, both personally and professionally, to create a future you love.

Chris is an ex-recruitment business owner turned purpose driven non-executive director and has coached businesses of all shapes and sizes to develop purpose-led organisations that perform. He champions authenticity and getting to the true core of what makes people, and businesses, tick.

In the session, we’ll cover:

  • The importance of purpose in leadership
  • How to define your personal purpose
  • How lack of purpose can impact your mental health
  • How purpose can transform a business

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