Hacking the marketing hiring process

with Lydia Huang

There are so many marketing jobs advertised right now, it’s definitely a candidate’s market. But it can be overwhelming knowing where to start when looking for a new role or getting your first foot in the door of the marketing industry. Our latest Level Up guest is here to help you hack the system so you can become an irresistible candidate for your dream company.

Lydia Huang is an international recruiter turned Marketing Career Consultant at her company – Awaken Career. She has recruiting experience at The Pokémon Company International and Amazon and has proudly changed 100+ job seekers’ lives by placing them in the right opportunities in the corporate world.

As a Marketing Career Consultant now, she provides marketing-focused job search strategies to help job seekers learn what recruiters are looking for and awaken their power to land their dream jobs. She is also a LinkedIn influencer who has over 20K followers and is on a mission to share her recruitment expertise and personal stories to empower more job seekers in their careers.

We’ll cover:

  • How to market yourself AND showcase your marketing skills
  • How to find hidden job opportunities
  • Using LinkedIn to expand your network
  • How to create a standout CV

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