The psychology of social media marketing

with Lisa Eaton and Katy Leeson

We had an amazing guest join us for the closing webinar in our Level Up series. Katy Leeson is Managing Director at Social Chain and has been making waves in the marketing world for the past decade. She‚ worked with huge companies such as Coca Cola, Superdry and Missguided on social-first campaigns with psychology at the centre and has been instrumental in Social Chain‚ growth. Katy has achieved ground-breaking success both inside the business and out through innovative campaigns and creating positive cultural change.

In this webinar, she joined us to talk about how to tap into your customer‚ psyche to create incredible campaigns that cut through the noise. We spoke about:

  • Why you need to incorporate psychology in your marketing
  • How to get to know your customer inside out
  • Providing value on a global scale
  • How to cut through the noise in the digital world

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