Finding your first role after graduation

with Lisa Eaton and Dan Mian

Finding your first role or looking for a new job can be daunting experience – competition for jobs is high and it can be scary deciding what path to go down.

Someone who knows this situation all too well is Dan Mian, founder of Gradvance and Marketing Manager at BT (where he is also the Comms Lead for the Ethnic Diversity Network).

Dan graduated in 2015 and after facing many struggles and rejections, he settled for a sales job that didn’t fulfil his big career ambitions. After leaving that role in 2016, Dan transformed his mindset, spent hours sharpening his CV, networking skills and successfully secured interviews and job offers from BT, Vodafone, Sky, Virgin Media and Amazon.

After landing his dream job (on the BT Business Management Graduate Scheme in 2017) as Marketing Manager at BT, Dan founded Gradvance in 2019 based on his personal struggles on the job search after graduating. Their mission is to build better futures by helping students and early careers professionals (especially from underrepresented communities) to secure their dream jobs. So far, they’ve helped hundreds of clients land jobs at Google, BT, Vodafone, TikTok, EY and many more.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why quality over quantity is key for finding a job that aligns with your ambitions and values
  • How to build a CV that showcases your skills and personality
  • How to master the art of interviewing
  • How to get experience when you have none AND how to value the experience you already have
  • How personal brand and LinkedIn can play a huge part in securing your dream job

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