Building a personal brand to boost your profile and really stand out

with Lisa Eaton and Amelia Sordell

Personal branding is everywhere right now and sometimes it gets a bad rap, but it absolutely shouldn’t. Our latest level up guest is here to tell you why and how you can build a personal brand that makes you a desirable candidate for ANY employer.

Did you know individuals within a business have 10x the reach of a company brand? Not only this but personal branding is an incredible way to expand your personal network to accelerate your career.

In this webinar, we’re talking to Amelia Sordell, Founder of Klowt about what it takes to build a personal brand that drives results.

Amelia is a personal branding hero and has worked with huge clients to raise profiles, accelerate LinkedIn presences, and scale businesses. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk with over 73k followers on LinkedIn and 72k views on TikTok, her own personal brand is thriving on multiple social media channels.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why you shouldn’t listen to the stigma around personal branding
  • The impact personal branding can have on a business’s success
  • How personal branding can positively impact your career
  • Building the confidence to start your own personal branding journey

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