There are huge number of training courses that are CPD accredited, so it’s no surprise everyone is looking to hit their CPD point goals each year. But what actually is CPD? 

In this article, we take you through the definition of CPD, how it’s beneficial for development, how to approach employers for CPD support and a tool to track your CPD progress.

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and is the process of tracking and reporting the knowledge and skills you have gained through any given learning approach, within a set timeframe. This could include, attending conferences, reading reports, completing training courses, etc. All training you conduct should be tracked and helps you monitor your own development regularly, enabling you to report to your employer the improvements you are making through your commitment to CPD.

CPD points are equivalent to the number of hours spent learning on a verified course, meaning you have met the standards and benchmarks required for your continued professional development. A CPD certification is recognised by prospective employers as an accreditation. It shows your commitment to learning and identifying your knowledge is up-to-date and to high industry standards. 

There is a range of training courses that are CPD accredited, meaning they have been recognised by ‘The CPD Certification Service’ and have reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.  Upon completion of a CPD-accredited training course, you gain an amount of CPD points, which are counted towards your overall CPD score and is recognised that you have completed the expected CPD for a given year. 

How to approach CPD support

If you’re looking to increase your CPD efforts but aren’t sure where to start and have a limited personal budget to put towards training courses, we recommend speaking to your employer or manager about your interest in CPD and discussing how they can support you in your development. Often organisations have a training budget allocated per employee to support them in the funding of specific training that will improve their professional skill set. 

Alternatively, if you've had your eye on a CPD accredited course, this CPD training request template will allow you to evidence to your employer not only why the training will benefit you, but also why it will positively impact the success and growth of the business. All it requires is for you to fill in a few personalised details and it is ready to be presented to your employer.

How to track your CPD progression

If you are already committed to CPD but aren’t currently tracking your progress, we have a CPD progress tracker that is a great tool for you to use. This will help you monitor your improvements and report this to your employer. Download yours here.

If you're interested in building your skillset in marketing strategy, Fabric Academy is a CPD-certified marketing training provider. By completing our Master Strategy Programme you will gain 35 CPD points and a CPD accreditation. Find out more by downloading our brochure or speak to one of our team today.