The sportswear industry has always been super successful in building authentic and engaged communities, with a strong focus on health and wellness, which creates a sense of shared values and purpose among its customers. People who engage in physical activity are often passionate about fitness and health, and they are attracted to brands that share their values and can help them achieve their goals.

However, when we think of sportswear brands that have strong brand values that are evident in everything they do, we don’t think of brands like Adidas or New Balance. We think of Gymshark, We Are TALA and Lululemon. But why?

Whilst bigger brands like Adidas and New Balance have been successful in building their brand, they also struggle to have a clear and distinct set of brand values that resonate with their customers. As companies grow, they often become more complex and have to cater to a wider audience. This can make it challenging to have a clear and consistent brand message and community.

Now, let’s get into how three competitors: Gymshark, We Are TALA and Lululemon have smashed each of their diverse brand values and created three amazing communities that they continue to serve every single day.


We Are TALA is a sustainable sportswear brand that has genuine brand values centred around sustainability, inclusivity, and empowerment. These values are reflected in everything that the brand does, from its product design and manufacturing to its marketing and community efforts.

One of the core values the brand is known for is sustainability. The brand uses sustainable and eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester and organic cotton, to create its products. This is communicated through the brand's social media and particularly by TALA’s founder, Grace Beverley, who is widely committed to leading and pioneering a more sustainable future. Alignment of the founder and the brand's values makes TALA much more authentic and trustworthy.

Empowerment is also a key value for TALA. The brand encourages its customers to feel confident and empowered in their own skin, and often uses marketing campaigns to promote body positivity and self-love. By also partnering with organisations that support women's empowerment, such as the charity ‘Girls Out Loud’, helps the brand to make a positive impact on the world and distinguishes TALA from competitors. With the brand recently expanding its size range to 2XS - 4XL, to be more inclusive and target a wider audience, whilst still aligned with its core values. 

Plus, who wouldn’t want to join the #TalaTribe that encourages positivity and empowerment?!

Overall, TALA's strong brand values are an integral part of its identity as a sustainable sportswear brand, and has helped attract and build a loyal customer base, who’s values align with TALA’s and who want to support a brand that is making a positive impact on the world.


Well, we all know the brand Gymshark by now. With its strong brand and visual identity across all online channels and through its founder, Ben Francsis, and its extensive commitment to influencer partnerships. 

One of the core values of Gymshark is innovation. The brand is constantly pushing the boundaries of design and technology to create high-quality, performance-driven apparel that meet the needs of its customers. Gymshark collaborates with athletes and fitness enthusiasts to develop products that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Authenticity is also a key value for Gymshark. The brand was founded by fitness enthusiast Ben Francis, who started the company in his garage in 2012. Since then, Ben has shared his story through social media, helping him build the brand’s following of loyal customers who appreciate the transparency of the founder and company's story.

Overall, Gymshark's strong brand values are a result of its commitment to innovation,  authenticity and inclusivity which resonates with its customers and by sharing these values with other fitness influencers, it has helped the brand establish a loyal following among fitness enthusiasts around the world.


Lululemon is a yoga-inspired sportswear brand with its strong brand values focused on quality, leadership and empowerment. Their core values have helped them build a strong community through the focus on mental and physical health. 

Lululemon's focus on quality has been a key driver of their success. They have built a reputation for using high-quality materials and producing products that are durable and long-lasting. Although their products can be pricey, (£100 for a pair of leggings?!), their focus on quality and community has allowed the brand to expand and succeed.

Lululemon's strong brand values are a reflection of its leadership. The company is known for its passionate and dedicated leadership team, who have worked hard to create a brand that is synonymous with quality, sustainability, and community. 

"Elevating the world by unleashing the full potential within every one of us"

At Lululemon, the focus is not just on creating athletic apparel but believes in empowering individuals to reach their full potential through physical activity, personal growth, and mindfulness. This is reflected in their marketing campaigns and messaging, which often emphasise the importance of mindfulness, self-awareness, and positive thinking.

Although these three sportswear brands have very different brand values, they all have a common goal, to provide high-quality sportswear to their loyal customers and build a community of followers and customers that have an alignment of values that can empower the companies to grow. In a market such as sportswear, so saturated with competition, it's clear the value led approach of these 3 brands is what has seen them go up through the ranks and be leading the industry than the likes of Adidas and Nike. 

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