The final module focuses on delivery and measurement. You'll be given all the tools and templates you need to deliver and implement your strategy successfully. You'll also learn how to measure marketing effectiveness and how to analyse data to show maximum impact.

The final stage of our programme guides you through implementing and measuring the tactics you have defined in your newly developed integrated marketing strategy.

You’ll receive all of the tools and templates you need to deliver projects successfully and guidance on how to use them. We’ll take you through developing an operations plan to structure delivery and you’ll learn how to develop comprehensive briefs and detailed project plans so you can manage projects with ease.

Here you’ll also learn how to develop a sophisticated measurement framework centred around business objectives so you can demonstrate the impact of your marketing. We’ll also guide you through developing a marketing performance report to share with your senior team as you continue to implement your strategy.

module structure

  • Building an operations plan 
  • Project planning 
  • Creating a measurement framework
  • Analysing data
  • Writing a clear brief 
  • Effective reporting

Delivering your strategy

The initial lessons in the module focus on guiding you through how to deliver your strategy successfully. We’ll share some key marketing project management tools and templates to help you on your way.

The learnings you’ll get in this section are crucial for any marketer, but especially so if you’re looking to become a marketing manager or campaign project manager.

Briefing and building a marketing performance report 

The final part of the marketing strategy programme guides you through on how to deliver clear briefs to creative and development teams and how to report on your marketing’s effectiveness.

This piece is crucial for demonstrating your impact in board meetings, interviews and performance reviews. You’ll get a marketing reporting template that’s directed at senior stakeholders so you can effectively showcase your results.